#SoulfulSundays Temporary vs Eternity


Dear Readers,

I must apologize for not writing for months now, I have been traveling a lot lately and busy with small projects. I have been in search of myself, my purpose, learning about God more, digging deeper into His love and most importantly sharing the good news to others who have not heard about Gods love.

In the next few posts, I will share my leanings and experiences while I traveled, Gods grace and most importantly  what we can do to make our every lives meaningful.

I also have been busy writing a book. More updates to follow, but do keep me in prayers to find the time and discipline to complete the book by this year and for distribution by next year.


Today I sit to contemplate our purpose here as I watch the waves crash the shore and the sun play with the clouds.

Earlier today I heard a news that my friend of ten years now is diagnosed with of acute myeloid leukemia, a form rarely seen in young adults. (If you would like to contribute for her treatment (https://www.gofundme.com/monifights).

I am thankful that Yes! She is still alive, Yes! she remains positive in her battle but it also made me realize how temporary our life is here on earth. While, we may have duties and responsibilities to fulfill we must realize that we have a bigger mission which we fail to do which is spreading the word of God. Sharing His love and Grace to the world. We are so caught up by running over things which are not important, we fail to realize the importance of blessings because we are too focused on things we don’t have or desperately want.

Yes, I am guilty that this reality didn’t hit me until someone close to me, who I spent quality time with, is in this situation, and I pray and hope that it wont take your loved one for you to realize that there are far more important things to do than to get a car, house, new cellphone or even a good job position.

TIME is running out my friends, with every second that ticks, with every breath we take we must make it count. Because there is an eternity waiting for us, question is what did we do with our time here? Did we invest in temporary pleasures or did we invest in eternity?

Happy Sunday Friends.






Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

I know its been a while since I have wrote a blog, I was personally going through some difficult seasons where I needed to adjust and learn before I could share.

But today I particularly want to share with you a vision I got earlier from the Lord. A vision of a child throwing tantrums crying on the floor, wailing to get something he or she really wants but the parents know better.


Toddler tantrum on floor

Sounds too familiar? Yes, I believe some of us are like that to God especially on things we really want but God says no wait there is something better.

After that vision, I started to think, how does the child get out of the tantrum stage? Maybe just distract them with something else that they would like, or probably leave them alone and they will come and follow you. Well, its easy for a child of course. As an adult, the same case gets difficult but I would say maybe its best to realize that your throwing a tantrum in front of God and the moment you realize it snap out of it. Distract yourself with the promises of God and dare to believe that he has the best planned for you.

My prayer for you readers is that may this year be of growth and surprises from the Lord. May you have answered prayers and may you be reminded that His love and faithfulness never fails.

God bless.