Swim against the current

Hello Readers,

Its Monday morning and welcome the day and week with positivity has been quite a challenge as I am bombarded with so much negativity around me, so much doubts and hopelessness.

I closed my eyes to pray and God gave me a vision of swimming against the current, have faith and dare to believe, dare to believe that the promises of God will push through despite the situation seems quite the opposite.


It is normal to feel weak, but hang on to his word that says “I can do all things through Christ Jesus our Lord.” “I may be weak, but your spirit is strong in me, My faith may fail but My God you never will.”

I was even thinking to cancel some of my plans for 2016 because the situation seems like its impossible to even come true, but God reminded me do not edit God’s dreams for you, do not lower your standards, hold on and have faith.

I pray that who ever is facing such a situation like me, wants to believe but because of all the negative forces, doubting circumstances, impossible situations, will not give up, will not be overwhelmed but be reminded to swim against the current, swim against all odds, swim with faith that with holding Gods hand you will not only get to the promised land but also be blessed with so much more.

I choose to believe, I dare to believe in God who will pave the way out, who knows its just Monday, I am sure It will all workout for Gods glory. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Have a lovely and positive week ahead. God bless.

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