Swim against the current

Hello Readers,

Its Monday morning and welcome the day and week with positivity has been quite a challenge as I am bombarded with so much negativity around me, so much doubts and hopelessness.

I closed my eyes to pray and God gave me a vision of swimming against the current, have faith and dare to believe, dare to believe that the promises of God will push through despite the situation seems quite the opposite.


It is normal to feel weak, but hang on to his word that says “I can do all things through Christ Jesus our Lord.” “I may be weak, but your spirit is strong in me, My faith may fail but My God you never will.”

I was even thinking to cancel some of my plans for 2016 because the situation seems like its impossible to even come true, but God reminded me do not edit God’s dreams for you, do not lower your standards, hold on and have faith.

I pray that who ever is facing such a situation like me, wants to believe but because of all the negative forces, doubting circumstances, impossible situations, will not give up, will not be overwhelmed but be reminded to swim against the current, swim against all odds, swim with faith that with holding Gods hand you will not only get to the promised land but also be blessed with so much more.

I choose to believe, I dare to believe in God who will pave the way out, who knows its just Monday, I am sure It will all workout for Gods glory. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Have a lovely and positive week ahead. God bless.

Train Wreck

Good afternoon to all my readers from a bright lazy sunny Sunday afternoon from Manila.

Today I write about of a vision I was reminded of by the Lord while a friend prayed for me last night.


To rewind a little, My heart was troubled hurt and pained for the last week because of a recent event which lead me to be deceived and made me feel so foolish.

On a side note: do not isolate yourself rather go out meet friends and keep yourself busy, seek advise from role models choose friends wisely to share ur condition with so they can understand sympathize guide and most importantly pray for you and with you.

On Friday, after enduring almost a week worths of pain and distraction I decided to finally forgive myself (because that is the first step to acknowledge that yes you have to embrace the situation and move on). After I forgave myself and embraced reality I actually felt the complete peace flushed from my head to toe. I wont lie it was such a beautiful feeling that I went to my bed to rest and praise God for just being finally at peace.

Of couse its not an overnight thing that the pain is gone, actually I felt more drained on Saturday the whole day that I didnt feel like getting out of bed. But then I decided to go out and meet friends and guess what it was actually a good decision as a friend helped me to get out of it by sharing her experience and how she seeked God to be her comfort.

So why train wreck? I realized while I was going with life and followed Gods will, there was one particular thing which I choose to do on my own, hence yes the first part of the train fell ( result of not listening or following or staying on track). It stopped everything, it needed help badly to bring everything back on track. To start moving to get where God wanted me to be.


The only help needed was me seeking God because I cant do it alone, I did seek a friend who pointed me back to God and believe in his mercy strength and grace to snap out of the pain and get ur head and heart back on track to start moving to workfor God and to believe in Gods promises for you to come true and come in the right time.

I pray for you what ever your situation is like now, things that you have not surrendered to God or feel like a train wreck things are at a standstill or that your heart is broken from the worldly wounds may I remind you that the Lord we serve is a God that is worthy of all praise as he is faithful lover of our soul. He conforts the broken hearted and he guides the lost sheep. Most of all he is not just a promise giver but a promise keeper. Hold on have faith greater things are yet to come.

God bless 🙂


Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

I know its been a while since I have wrote a blog, I was personally going through some difficult seasons where I needed to adjust and learn before I could share.

But today I particularly want to share with you a vision I got earlier from the Lord. A vision of a child throwing tantrums crying on the floor, wailing to get something he or she really wants but the parents know better.


Toddler tantrum on floor

Sounds too familiar? Yes, I believe some of us are like that to God especially on things we really want but God says no wait there is something better.

After that vision, I started to think, how does the child get out of the tantrum stage? Maybe just distract them with something else that they would like, or probably leave them alone and they will come and follow you. Well, its easy for a child of course. As an adult, the same case gets difficult but I would say maybe its best to realize that your throwing a tantrum in front of God and the moment you realize it snap out of it. Distract yourself with the promises of God and dare to believe that he has the best planned for you.

My prayer for you readers is that may this year be of growth and surprises from the Lord. May you have answered prayers and may you be reminded that His love and faithfulness never fails.

God bless.