The eye for good things

8.6 ratings 4.5 stars and quite an intriguing trailer I was all set to watch the Wolf of Wall street. In the first 5 mins of the movie I regretted to even entertain the thought of watching the movie but sadly once I started I had to finish. It honestly took me 5 days to finish watching the movie approx 30 – 45 mins everyday watching it online. Dealing with nightmares and paranoia I managed to finish the movie on a Friday evening and slept right after.

I am not putting the movie down or saying it was horrible, It was honestly good if you see it from a lens or perspective of the goodness in it. I simply felt was it was just too hard for me to absorb such negativity. Being the most R rated movie with countless sex, drugs and unethical scenes, not to mention it also topped the list with about 569 times mentioning the F word. With all honesty there is nothing wrong with watching such movies but it is very essential for the viewers to watch from a different perspective or even see the goodness in it with all the bad.




What was good in the movie you ask? Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort we just had so much to learn:

1. Jordan Belfort had a very strong determination to achieve his goal.

There is nothing wrong with having goals but we should always align and define them to Gods will.

2. Jordan Belfort teaches us that there may be short cut ways to achieve our goal but not all short cuts are right roads to success.

Ever heard the story of the race between the rabbit and turtle? Lesson: slow and steady wins the race.

3. Jordan Belfort teaches us that learn to have an eye for an opportunity, make right decisions and avoid temptations.

He was bombarded with countless opportunities, decisions and temptations but not learning from mistakes, be befriending the wrong people, not following mentors or even allowing temptations to work on you are all recipies to slide down the downward spiral of ultimate doomness.

4. As a business minded individual. I was simply amazed and honestly learned a lot from Jordan Belfort’s selling strategy! It was unique and it was also inspiring to learn and motivate others to challenge oneself and be confident in what you are selling. But be grounded – do what is right and ethical.

5. Last but certainly not the least important of all – Jordan Belfort teaches us that we always are given second chances.

Jordan Belfort realized he made a mistake and knew his future was dark, he later was aware that God sent him a sign to fix up and he did. Here we see that when we are given second chances we first accept our mistakes. Respond to it by being sorry and changing for the better, try to put a stop to the bad habit and change our lives for the good hoping we will be spared. It was never easy for Jordan to stop drugs and live a simple life but he did – Here it is important for us to Pray for the transformation, for we cant do it alone. We need guidance of right friends, good mentors and word of God to turn away from sin and say Yes to God or being Godly. 

I loved the ending of the movie only because he decided to stick by his skills and use it to glorify God by empowering others to unleash the talent of real selling and empowering their self confidence to do something they never feel they can do or achieve.

Transformation beings by accepting our mistakes and repenting. After that we start working on fixing ourselves by doing or choosing the right over the wrong next we put space for Gods love and mercy to cover us in our transformation. Lastly we give back, we use our skills to be a blessing to others.

For those who already have watched the movie I hope this lens inspired you a spark on seeing the goodness despite the darkness 🙂



2 thoughts on “The eye for good things

  1. Hey Sonia!! Well done on your blog!! I wish I saw this post before I tried watching the movie. After the first 2 or so minutes I couldn’t stand it, I just deleted the movie and decided to console myself with having watched “the Great Gatsby” first since I like Di Caprio’s work. I’m still not sure I’d want to watch it even now but if I do I would make sure to keep the positive points in mind too.

    • Im glad that my blog was able to help you change your persective on things. Often times in this worldly world we are submerged in things we are so immune to. Its good to have God in the center but not enough until we change our mindset too. Have a good day ahead! 🙂

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