Plant that seed and Nourish it well

What is everyone favorite word when it comes to getting things done? – “I will do it later.. or tomorrow or.. some other time..” That’s it! bottom line: Procrastinate.  The root cause of not being able to finish what we have started.


Let me share with you my experience on how it has changed me in the past 15 days of January.

For the past few days, during lunch time, I have begun spending my time reading blogs of Pastor Paolo Punzalan, Pastor Joey Bonifacio, Joseph Bonifacio, and other inspirational blogs and suddenly I got an idea that I should start a blog too (Yes! for someone who never wrote a blog neither excellent at english – so pardon me if my grammar is not perfect) something kept telling me inside to go for it, so I started to do some research on how to start a blog, I did some research and asked friends which site is a good place to write blogs and eventually when lunch break was over I closed all the tabs and simply went back to work. Yet, I was not totally convinced, so I reopened the tab and said hmm this would probably take 2 mins and I took the plunge to register myself to an account.

(2 mins later..)

Tada! done “itssoniasblog” is now up and running and I felt wow! this is all it takes – to make that decision and take the FIRST step to it. I capitalized First because often times we get so caught up and start jumping all over the place and the next thing we know we get so overwhelmed and just say never mind, I will do it later, and eventually never do it or never finish it. This does not go with just New years resolutions but anything we do in life (generally) weather that would be writing an email to touch base with a friend we haven’t heard of in months or finishing a project in school, Yes! basically anything.

Plant that seed ( a good seed i hope) exercise your mind to think .. think not just out of the box but try something new something you want to do, or been wanting to do I encourage you to plant that seed – make that decision and go for it and once started, nourish it well (water it and take care of it with patience) so when you get that idea develop it daily, one step at a time and bring it to a finish with God’s perfect time and grace.

I am reminded of a verse a very famous one: Philippians 4:13 “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me” eventually if it is for God, for the goodness of not just you but everyone then yes, you will be guided and strengthened to have the wisdom of planting that seed and nourishing it well to watch it grow into a plant which bears the well deserved fruit.

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