Day 17: the power of words

It’s a hot sunny afternoon. I’m sipping my hot camomile tea while flipping the pages of a book I’m currently reading. Facing the window of my room, I feel the warm breeze in my face and take a few breaks to see the scenic makati skyline. I also hear a soft jazz or sax music play in the background. It’s a pleasure to all my senses at the moment.
The power of words!
I’m sure you must have already imagined the cup of my tea, how my room looks like and what it feels like. More so maybe imagine you were me for a moment.
The pleasures of reading a book it’s truly a delight to all our senses and activate ones you never thought you had. It allows your mind to paint a picture and explore a world unseen.
These are few of my books I am currently reading and re reading. I choose my books carefully. I just don’t read anything out of a shelf. I research on the author and make sure the books transform me to be a better person and change me positively.
The first two I’m done reading. Third one is my current read and the last is next in line. I encourage you to read at this time, especially if your bored and looking for things to do. Reading not only allows you to exercise your eyes but also discover other senses #day17 #lockdown #quarantine #covid19 #coronavirus #miraculous2020

Day 16: there is nothing permanent in life but change.

There is nothing permanent in life but change.
I honestly never thought there will come a day such as this to tell me that everything I have seen and believed no longer exists for the moment.
Hence, believe in something bigger than all these. Someone who never changed. 👆🏻
day16 #lockdown #quarantine #covid19 #coronavirus #miraculous2020

Introvert / extrovert vs ambivert.
Which one are you?
Thankfully I’m an ambivert. I have been surviving the lockdown sanely. I keep busy by reading books, watching Netflix, playing games like with family, working out – Zumba and going back to my old fav hobbies like painting, colouring and writing. I think il finish my cross stitch project I left years ago too.
Go ahead and be creative!

Before you know it, It’s almost over! We r on day 14 already! We survived 2 weeks, 2 weeks more to go!
Play some home bingo and share which personality you are and what have you been doing to keep sane. #day14 #lockdown #quarantine #covid19 #coronavirus #miraculous2020

Are we in a movie vs Are we in Big Boss house – Season 1 day 13.

Are we in a movie vs Are we in Big Boss house – Season 1 day 13.
If you wanted to be a movie or tv actor / actress now is your time to shine.. just kidding.
But truly feels like it doesn’t it? Like we are in some movie where the virus is like a zombie apocalypse and we are hiding to keep alive. Or we are in like big boss house where we are with our family 24/7 for at least 30 days.
I don’t know about you, but I am thankful to be with my family every waking day, even if all days feel all the same. I’m thankful to cherish these extremely special 30 days; And after this – when we all go back to our normal routine, (maybe?) I will always remember this lockdown as something positive. A memory of lifetime, that life is too fragile and important to be wasted away on inessential things, and faith and family is the core of our strength. Also thanks to this lockdown, it has thought me a lot not just about my family but mostly about myself. 😬
day13 #lockdown #quarantine #covid19 #coronavirus #weareinthistogether #miraculous2020

Day 12: Wer we the virus all along?

Wer we the virus all along?
With the lockdown of the entire world, we started to see Mother Nature healing. We see blue skies, fresher air quality, fishes swimming in lakes and birds chirping.
Also with this lockdown we wer forced to stay indoors to reflect and see that we don’t need the luxury brands to live, we don’t need the fast food and the fast life. That we need to slow down a bit to finally pay attention on the important things like God, family and most importantly health. That in times like these we, go back to the basic necessities in life and work as one to save and help each other.
Who knew that the virus was all we needed to change the directions and perceptions in life.
day12 #lockdown #quarantine #covid19 #coronavirus #miraculous2020

Day 11: have a break. Have a kitkat

Day 11: Have a break, Have a kitkat.
And nope there are no paid advertising here.
It’s just my brain is on overdrive and I have been thinking of a lot of things lately.
Like will the world and way of life will ever be the same after this lockdown and virus is over?
I have been trying not to over think the situation but I guess by day 11 of lockdown and (house arrest) for the lack of better term. People who you personally have the virus, who are seriously ill or even died it’s just crazy to wrap your head around it.
Hence, a much needed chocolate break is what I need about just right now. Oh and a miracle too. Let me encourage you with this. – The faith as small as a mustard seed is all we need to see a miracle and move God to answer our prayers. #neverstoppraying #day11 #lockdown #quarantine #miraculous2020