Day 30:

Day 30. Long post.
As I was going back to my phone’s photo album, I saw this video taken exactly when the clock stroke 12 am of Jan 1, 2020.
I don’t know about you, but I was very ready and very excited to start the year 2020 because it was beginning of a new decade, I had many hopes, expectations and aspirations that this new decade will be one for the books because it was going to be the best.
Quite frankly, while I was watching this. I was transported back to my emotions of that time, because while the previous decade 2010-2019 was full off ups and downs, it ended particularly unexpected and an amazing way. I was so happy to close the chapter to welcome a new one. I felt like man, I wish I can simply turn back the time and restart the year all over again Bec we Wer not ready for what is to come in 2020. This year started terribly from day 1. (Those who know me, knows what these months were like) and to top it all with back to back disasters.
But something in my heart was reminding me that:
life is not about all ups. There are downs. That’s life. It’s like the pulse. Ups and downs Beating and indicating we are alive and kicking.
Just bec 2020 started bad doesn’t mean it will end bad. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a silver lining. A good thought and a positive mindset can bring you a long way.
It was time for a change! Yes, most of what I see in this situation(s) personal and public had to change. Had to stop, had to redirect and had to adjust. Change is always accompanied with discomforts. Which in turn molds our character.
So yes, I came back to my present state. Positive and refreshed that indeed 2020 will be the best year yet. Not for the reasons I had imagined but beyond. Bec the world finally stopped to get their priorities in order and make things right. #eastermonday #day30 #lockdown #quarantine #coronavirus #miraculous2020
P. S. This basically sums up my feelings thoughts and faith. I will be using the next 15 days to off load pics from my phone to make space 🙂 get back to work and prepare for the aftermath of the lockdown. This was wonderful sharing this faith journey with you all hope it had in one way or another encouraged you and kept you going.

Day 29: He has risen

Happy Resurrection Sunday!
We are able to love because He loves us First 👆🏻
We are able to smile because He gave us a reason to 👆🏻
Most importantly we are able to be fearless because He overcome death 👆🏻
May this day be a reminder of how much God loves us. Because He has risen, we have hope.
thistooshallpass #day29 #lockdown #quarantine #coronavirus #miraculous2020

Day 28: what do you see?

What do you see?
I remember taking this photo while going to my clients house somewhere deep down in Laguna back in Feb. When I saw this, I had to stop the car and take this photo. It was just perfect you see? Perfect with the sunset and seeing two people praying, while my friend thought something else (I think she saw two bunnies? If I’m not mistaken) tho in-fairness kinda looks like it. 😬
See, it’s just one thing but can be viewed differently by people. Most of the time it’s what’s in your head and heart eventually comes out.
And in this situation of the lockdown what are the thoughts you generate? What are the words that come out of your mouth? It’s truly something to ponder about.
Out of the fullness of your heart. The mouth speaks. Trust me. It’s tried and tested. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. 🙂
blacksaturday #holyweek #day 28 #lockdown #quarantine #coronavirus #miraculous2020

Day 27: the chosen

Running out of things to watch? Try watching this.. Personally, I haven’t watched this yet.. but I have been getting good reviews from friends who watched it and many have recommended me to watch this as well. So I will watch this tonight. It’s perfect for the weekend it’s season 1 with 8-9 episodes, I think.. After all it’s the Holy Week. Stay blessed and stay at home 🙂
day27 #holyweek #lockdown #quarantine #coronavirus #miraculous2020

Day 26: courage

Me, after finding out that the lockdown has been extended until the end of April.
While I know it’s needed and the best solution for now, I continue to pray for the world to heal to get a grip on this virus, to learn and reflect and most especially to cling on You 👆🏻 always.
While some trust in Chariots and others in horses, but I put my trust in God. #holyweek #day26 #quarantine #lockdown #coronavirus #miraculous2020

Day 25: We are one. We heal and move together as one.

We are one. We heal and move together as one.
All it took was one virus to make every race, every country and every religion to work as one and helping each other overcome this pandemic.
Such a powerful photo symbolising the power of prayer, faith and hope. Remember this too shall pass. Keep your head above the water. #day25 #lockdown #quarantine #coronavirus #miraculous2020

Day 24: be the light

I would like to encourage you to be the light to those who can’t see the light, share positivity and be there for people who needs you right now. In my experience it helps to drop a simple hello to your friends to make sure they are ok. Trust me, right now it will mean the world to them. Stay positive stay strong and most importantly stay home. #thistoshallpass #day24 #lockdown #quarantine #coronavirus #miraculous2020

Day 23: storm vs strength

Have you ever heard this?:
Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.
I can say one thing with confidence, after this lockdown and virus is over, we will be stronger and wiser in many ways than we can imagine.
Remember This virus too shall pass but what it makes out of you, only you can decide.
day23 #lockdown #quarantine #coronavirus #miraculous2020

Day 22: a snap of a finger

Who here believes that the first quarter of the year has gone down the drain? 🖐🏻
Who here also believes that all it takes is God’s one snap of a finger to gain back whatever we lost? 🖐🏻
I admit it’s been hard not knowing the foreseeable future, I who is a planner and loves to be in control of my schedule and plans.. I’m just simply surrendering everything to Him. It’s not easy but it’s definitely worth a try. This too shall pass. #happysunday #day22 #lockdown #quarantine #coronavirus #miraculous2020